After a good 18 months of trying for my act together, I finally was able to make the start to make a pallet on the website ColourLovers. I was even able to name a few these Digital Marketing Agencies in Nottingham new color values, which also allows other users to make this new palette.

COLOURlovers ™ is an international community of designers and artists of all kinds who visit the site to get color inspiration, ideas and feedback to both their professional and personal projects. faithful member COLOURlovers’ create colors, palettes and patterns to maintain their love lasts with color. They were joined by a group-inspired colors and forums and share the love by commenting on their favorite creations. The fuel COLOURlovers blog online discussion in a world of color with an entertaining article on color trends and news, including an interview.

So here they are, this is my new palette:

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You know this is free? Yehah! Feel free to use this for a new print from the web design …

Anyways, I hope it inspires you to Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham create some new colors and palettes, and if you do, let me know and I hope to create some new palette in the near future.

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