Due to advancement in technology the threat of cyber-attack is become a major issue. New types of viruses, malware, technical errors were developed by Cyber criminals for compromising the people’s cyber space. This is affecting the small business owners who run small scale industries. That’s why we are going to enlist some free tools that will protect your business from cyber-attacks.

Avast antivirus

Avast antivirus advanced internet security program developed by Avast for different operating systems such as windows, Mac os, IOS and Android. Internet security products of Avast comes with free and proprietary versions that offers complete security such as browser protection, Virus protection, firewall, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, anti-spam.

Features of Avast antivirus are

  • Avast antivirus comes up with “smart scan” feature which scans your system and identify infected files, folders etc.
  • Avast antivirus provide security to your DNS (Domain name system)
  • Avast antivirus has inbuilt software updater feature which automatically sends the alerts of updating the various types of system softwares. If you adjust its configuration then it will do the task automatically.
  • Avast antivirus also provides security to your browser by its browser clean up feature.


It is a website that offers random numbers to anyone over the internet based on atmospheric noise. User can use this website to create strong passwords or passcodes. The site features random password generator which automatically develops alpha numeric, strong, case sensitive password upto 24 characters long. So now don’t create password based on birth date, anniversary etc. Persons who create these types of passcodes are easy target for hackers and cyber attackers.

Features of random.org:

Rnadom.org generates password in two forms first one is PRNGS and another is TRNGs.

  • PRNGSs (Pseudo- random generators) generates your passwords by using algorithms based on mathematical formulae or simply precalculated tables to produce sequence of numbers that seems to be random.
  • TRNGs (True Random Number generators) generate your password based on atmospheric noise.


The ESET antivirus program also known by the name “NOD32” is a complete antivirus software solution design and developed by SLOVAK company. The NOD32 antivirus solution comes in two editions Home and Business. But the most sophisticated edition is its business which was purposely designed for addressing the problems of business owners. This version comes up with ESET remote administrator used for server deployment and management.

Features of ESET

  • ESET antivirus program embedded with encryption feature which provides security to your files, folders and removable media like USB keys on windows.
  • The NOD32 program also comes with advanced webcam protection which sends you alerts for blocking the programs that are trying to access your webcam.
  • The ESET antivirus program also has advanced banking and payment protection ability that keeps your money and online transaction safe and secure.
  • The ESET antivirus program also embedded with ransom shield which protects your system form all types of malware threats which are trying to locks out the system data.

WIFI inspector

When it comes to providing cyber security solutions to business owners WIFI inspector has become the first choice for organizations. It has over 1million downloads. The program was designed to provide real time monitoring of wireless network status and ensure that user are getting high rate of performance generating from the user wireless network.

Features of WIFI inspector:

  • It smartly control your system’s WIFI connection
  • It can able to detect unauthorized applications and softwares.
  • It smartly verifies WIFI coverage by doing site survey.
  • The program has easy to operate troubleshooting tools.


It is a Cyber Security Company located in United States New Jersey. It offers innovative cyber security solutions and protects the user from almost all types of cyber threats. The company provides both free and affordable security tools without compromising in standard and quality. 

Features of Comodo Antivirus:

  • The program is embedded with cloud based scanning feature which provides complete protection against the emerging cyber threats.
  • The program has advance sandbox feature which automatically detects suspicious and unknown files.
  • The program automatically updated itself with the latest virus signatures.
  • The program has easy to operate interface lets you install the software conveniently without any major complexity or issue.

Cloud flare

It is an U.S based company that offers smart web security solutions protect and secures applications and website. The company offers services of DDOs protection, Authoritative DNS, reverse proxy and so on.

Features of cloud fare:

  • It provides protection to user by addressing the issue regarding customer data breach. It prevents cyber attacker from compromising customer data. For example customer credit card information, credentials and other important identity related information.
  • It protects user form bot threat and prevents abusive bots from damaging internet properties via fraudulent checkout, account takeover and scraping.
  • It protects user APIs, sites and applications from malicious traffic generating networks and application layers to maintain performance.


By understanding above mentioned points we can say that there are lots of cyber security tools available for business owners in the market. Due to such high competency it becomes difficult for us to choose best tools from a wide list. But by keeping affordability factor in mind we enlisted 6 best tools which can grant advance level of cyber security at relatively low cost.