Blockchain Technology and its key features

‘Blockchain Technology” you must have heard or read this term somewhere on the internet or from word of mouth. But you are unaware of the details of it. Don’t worry you are not the only one. Many people don’t know about this technology because of it’s reach. Actually technology has […]

BlockChain vs Bitcoin which one is better?

Competition might be tough, Blockchain vs Bitcoin We remember those days when people read newspaper and what they find out that more and more incidents happens in their town but now the situation is when they read the newspaper then a new technology launched and ready to bring a vast change in […]

Like Facebook, telegram will also have its cryptocurrency

We all know about Libra, the digital currency of Facebook. Like Facebook, Telegram also wants to introduce CryptoCurrency. Both apps want to give the experience of their users of digital currency. After introducing this, transfer of money and paying bill will be easy within the app. Let’s try to understand […]