Take the time to learn more about this wonderful thing called the human brain and you will find that there is power in psychology. Online marketing has grown rapidly over the past few Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle decades and has customers. With years of research and surf the web, customers are now resistant to many marketing tactics. However, there is one thing that has not changed and it is the customer psychology.

Marketers no psychologist but, in an effort to understand what drives consumer decisions, they have turned to psychology to understand what can make an impact. Understanding the psychology behind landing page conversion is an interesting trip. Quite simple: marketers know their audience can use psychology to attract, entice and retain clients. This article will hopefully help you to understand what affects the decision of your visitors. So, without further ado, let’s see what psychological phenomena.

psychology pleasure

The term ‘Pleasure Principle’ was created by Sigmund Freud but has nothing to do with the strange dream interpretation or theory about the relationship between parents – thank goodness. This principle asserts that people will pursue pleasure and avoid pain. As humans, we tend to make decisions based on what makes us happy. Consumers want something that offers a quick pleasure or satisfaction, with very little pain or sacrifice on their part. This makes the employee in the marketing industry work harder than they already are to attract someone’s attention for just a few minutes.

As humans, we are happy when we are brought to a satisfactory conclusion and logical. We want to feel good and in control, with a clear understanding of what is going on. Cater to your customers ego by making them feel special. Use the word “you” a lot, focus directly on them. This helps the rest of the audience stayed assure that your business understands their welfare, they make a choice, and how it makes them feel.

James Waste often use psychological pleasure in their blog post. They attract different people will make on the environment by dumping their garbage properly. They offer a quick, easy solution which means people can find satisfaction in helping their environment quickly. See their blog post on ‘Top 5 Websites to Help You Recycle’.

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Psychological pain

Our natural reaction is to avoid pain; we did not touch a hot stove because we knew it would burn. Whether mental or physical, we’re wired to avoid pain as much as possible. Pain psychology comes into play with the behavior of our customers as well. Use of pain in marketing can be a very effective technique. Persons making a purchase based on an emotional response, because it offers a solution to their pain can be what is needed.

Psychological pain in marketing used by start customer relationships by making them think the pain and then draw individual incentives to reduce the pain. You will find the results in your customer’s desire to find a solution. Fear, uncertainty and doubt are often used legitimately by businesses and organizations to make the consumer stop, think and change their behavior. Be sure to emphasize the consequences of inaction. Loss aversion is a powerful psychological principles that can motivate people to buy your product so that they avoid any negative results. sash windows do this well on their blogs because they are forbidden negative memories or negative aspects about the window Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle that people can relate to and then they offer solutions. Check there is a block in ’10 Tips to keep your window Sash because part of the draft and rattles that illustrates very well the psychology of pain.