Do you want your LinkedIn following highly engaged? Are you looking for tips to boost the engagement? Then you have landed at the right page.

LinkedIn is so much more than just a place to provide and seek jobs. It is a social networking site for businesses. LinkedIn has almost 700 Million users all around the world. Hence, it is a great place to expand your personal and business’ network. This platform is also helpful to increase the brand awareness and enhance organic traffic to your website. If only your business use LinkedIn the right way you can grow your brand image and business presence. But not every business may have the talent and time to invest in building LinkedIn strategy. Here you need help of marketing experts and professionals provided by various marketing agencies.

Citiesagencies is a well-renowned Digital Marketing agency that provides experts and professionals in the field of digital marketing like social media marketing, content marketing, Email marketing and so on and so forth. Here a question arises how Citiesagencies will help you boost your LinkedIn engagement? Don’t worry as in today’s article I am going to tell you how Citiesagencies will help your brand to boost your LinkedIn engagement.

Let’s dig in

Citiesagencies helps to boost your LinkedIn engagement

LinkedIn engagement with Citiesagencies

By the following methods

➜ By crafting compelling content

High-quality content is the blood to every online business. Without authentic and valuable content business can not make a significant progress. On LinkedIn as well, content plays a crucial role, as LinkedIn is more about creating and sharing valuable content that adds some value to the lives of the users. Citiesagencies will write the perfect compelling content for your LinkedIn.

Our aim with writing the best content is to accomplish three things viz, content that clearly communicates your brand story and value, to use relevant keywords so that it shows up in the search results and giving value to the audience. This will boost your engagement with the audience.  

➜ By optimizing your profile for mobile

The number of mobile phone users has increased manifolds in the past decade. Majority of the population access social media platforms on their mobile phones. Hence, it is important that your LinkedIn is mobile friendly otherwise audience will not be able to engage much with your content. Citiesagencies will perfectly optimize your LinkedIn profile for mobile phones. Our team will make sure that everything on your profile, like images and videos perfectly function and are easily visible on the mobile screen. A mobile-friendly LinkedIn profile will definitely boost the engagement of your audience with your LinkedIn.

➜ By optimizing your LinkedIn posts

This is another important factor to boost the engagement. LinkedIn allows you to create and publish three kinds of content i.e textual content, images, videos. Though you can create audio-visual content on LinkedIn, textual posts still outperform other forms of content. Hence, they need to be well-optimized. Citiesagencies will be optimizing your posts by formatting the posts, using shorter sentences, spacing, using emojis to break up the posts.

One important tip which we use while optimizing your content is that we don’t include any external links in the post itself, instead the link is put in the first comment of the post. It is evident that the post that has added the external link in the first comment gets more views than the one that has the link in the post. This boosts the audience’s engagement with your content.

➜ By including a clear Call to Action

Call to Action is very important to boost the engagement which in turn boost your reach. Citiesagencies know this fact very well. Hence, what we do is we put a clear and compelling Call to Action at the end of the post in the form of a question. These Call to Actions ask your audiences to respond with what they think about the particular topic, whether they agree with it or not.

This strategy boosts the engagement because it starts a dynamic conversation with your audience. Besides that, when someone comment or read your posts, LinkedIn shows that posts to some of their connections as well which enhances your reach and brand awareness. Some examples of common Call to Actions are “let me know what do your think in the comment section below” or “Do you agree with this” or “leave a comment below if you agree with this” and so on and so forth.

➜ By responding to your audience’s response

Your audience is doing their part by reading and commenting on your posts. Now it is your duty to reply to those comments. Don’t ignore the responses of your audience. We understand that you may not have the time to reply to your audience so don’t you worry, Citiesagencies has got your back. Our team will stay in touch with your audience by responding to their comments and feedback. We will start a conversation with the audience which help to build a deeper connection with your audience. These conversations through comments significantly boost your engagement with the audience.

Final thoughts

Boosting the engagement of your audience with your LinkedIn is very crucial in order to enhance your brand awareness and brand loyalty. These tips mentioned above are more useful when you already have a LinkedIn presence and an audience as well, if you are totally new on this platform then you can Start LinkedIn Marketing with Citiesagencies. Our team will help you in both scenarios. So you can consider hiring Citiesagencies.

If you have any questions or doubts, you can get in touch with us.