If someone speaks about the Virtual Reality then we start remembering those VR games that we played. Do you think that Virtual Reality is just for that? No my friends, the technology can not only be for just one use and always be helpful for you in many situations. Researching about the Virtual Reality and get some good information which I am sure new for you. Good news is some Swiss researchers have introduced a wearable to feel the VR. It is a sensor packed “Second skin” which allow Virtual Reality user to touch it and feel that in the virtual world. Is it true?

This type of skin design gives you feedback that makes you feel natural without using any electronic vibration. This is not enough there is much more to present regarding this research. This will definitely create more interest so readout whole blog.

What is “Second Skin” presented by Swiss researcher?

Keep your eyeballs here as I am going to present the fabulous job did by Swiss researchers. These researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) brought flexible artificial skin that gives a haptic feedback and can be useful for your VR field and medical rehabilitation.

Now the question is how it has made? To develop this, the researcher used silicone and electrodes. You can use it to wrap it around a fingertip or even at the wrist to provide feedback to the next person as a vibration or pressure. The scientists told that “Second Skin” thickness is less than 500 nanometers and also it equipped with pneumatic actuators.

According to a research “SPA- skin is a multifunctional multilayer system that can readily be implemented as a high-speed wearable bidirectional interface for contacts sensing and vibrotactile feedback.”

Okay, I know, now you all understand that you will start feeling the virtual world like actual things. Even one of the authors, name Harshal Sonar knows about this and shared that these researchers are looking for the next step. He said “The next step will be to develop a fully wearable prototype for applications in rehabilitation and Virtual and Augmented Reality. The prototype will also be tested in neuro scientific studies, where it can be used to stimulate the human body while researchers study dynamic brain activity in magnetic resonance experiments.” 

Final words… 

Okay so if you have any doubt that skin will stop you to move your fingers then that’s not true it will not stop you folks. When the actuators get started they will start the membranes to create an illusion in you of touch but that doesn’t mean it stops you to touch.

This might be interesting as this artificial skin is stretchable and if you want to stretch it then it can stretch four times its original length.

Those who lost their sense of touch also can operate this and can feel the touch. As it is able to withstand the rigor of daily movements so such kind of tool is best for the patients.

This is all about second skin. Get in touch with us for more updates.