For many of us, 2020 has been a year of “working from home”. Covid-19 force our hand. But working from home, short term or long term, it does not mean we have to be postponed green ambitions.

owners of offices around the world rejoiced at this time. With relatively empty their buildings, their carbon Digital Marketing Company Newcastle footprint has shrunk dramatically. But the reality is that our carbon footprint is not necessarily diminished – it just moved. Now in our homes instead. So what can you do to strengthen your company’s eco-friendly credentials, even without setting foot in the office?

We will focus here on the tips that are relevant to the work house, given the carbon has been shifted from the office to your home. It does not cover all of your home’s energy use. But you will find many online guides that will help you there!

Turn off the lamp

How often do you turn on the lights when you walk into a room? How often do you leave on when you leave the room? Stopping the habit, and only use artificial lighting when you really need it.

If you do the lighting needs, ensure that energy saving – LED lights are really affordable now [1]. In fact, if you are at your desk and need a little lighter, consider using a small LED table lamp to light up only the area you need, rather than light all over the room.

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1 “More than 60,000 hours one 60 watt bulb is going to set you back around £ 700 while the 6 watt LED lights will cost in the region of £ 80-90. So, while the LED lights will cost about £ 15 to £ 20, the initial outlay is far outweighed by the savings from time to time.

Give your break tech

What is your electricity use? If you do not need it now, turn it off.

Just have your printer when you are using it.

Adjust the brightness of your monitor down a few notches.

unplug the charger used.

If you leave the room, put your computer to sleep [2].

If you do computer work more intensive, you may want to consider how efficiently your computer is able to do its job. If the air vents are clogged with feathers, fans will be working overtime trying to keep everything cold, which uses more electricity.

Need hot / cold

The ideal room temperature is somewhere in the region of 18-22 ° C. Depending on the time of year and where in the world you are, it might not be exactly that the temperature outside. However, the more you can maintain a constant temperature of your home office, you will use less energy to change it.

To avoid losing your precious heat in the winter, make sure your home (or even just your home office space) is as isolated as possible. Close the curtains at night [3]. Closes any draft. Keep the heat in, and you do not need to touch the heating.

In the warmer months, make sure your heater is definitely off! Open the windows and let the breeze through, and only resort to a fan if it gets sweltering. If you live somewhere that requires you to use the air-conditioning unit, close the window and make sure it’s doing as little work as possible.

Keep your car happy

If you work from home, you probably will not use the car. It was great! But it’s still important to keep the car in good shape, so that when you get back into it was still as efficient as possible. Now may be the ideal time to be a street car that has the attention and affection.

Get your car serviced.

Check your tire pressure and battery charge [4].

When you do drive, go easy on the gas pedal!

4 “Without used regularly, the car Digital Marketing Companies Newcastle battery can lose charge which means they may not have enough power to start the engine,” “If the car is left for a long period of time can cause flat spots that

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