Where do you want to offer your app? It’s obviously your choice that you can offer in Native app store or Hybrid app store or in web apps but if you are looking for some interesting one then did you listen about the Ionic app. Are you aware of Ionicappdevelopment or their features or anything? We will discuss now how Ionic app will be useful or how it is different from other application types.

Ionic App development

Ionic is an HTML 5 Appdevelopmentframework which has been made with just a simple and innovative idea that HTLM will rule the mobile development easily. It will help you to make the coming mobile application in such a way that it overshadows the recent mobile app framework.  With the help of Ionic app development, it is easy to conduct simulator testing on Android and IOS apps with the help of Cordova commands.

Benefits of Using Ionic App development

  • Codebase

Here your result is one codebase where you can use to build at the multiple platforms for the users. It not only means that the initial development is faster but also the maintenance and updates are easier with the Ionic app development.

  • UI Element

If you are looking to explain the user about Ionic in a simple way then here it’s a great UI library of the element. Their components are now basically web components created with the help of their own toll Stencil.

  • Tooling and development flow

Your productivity will definitely decrease if your development environment is worst and if you have the right tool for this and you feel comfortable with that then it will help you to increase your productivity. Here you can also use the Angular CLI and also you get a power of Ionic CLI.

  • Support and community

The main focus of the Ionic app development is still on the Angular and from here you get the whole support of the Angular community anytime. Even once the user of that framework starts using Ionic then it is sure that the size of the community will increase more.

  • Ionic Pro

If you can afford the price for this then use Ionic Pro as you know Ionic is an open source and free for all so you can add Ionic pro tool easily. For the enterprise, it will benefit them more and for the small business, they have to think about the increase in productivity of their development team.

These are some of the benefits that you will get from Ionic App development. Now let’s find out and compare the Ionic app with Native app and Hybrid app.

 Before going further do you think there is a need of any kind of comparison between Native app, Hybrid app and Ionic app? With not too much budget you need for the native app, with fewer budgets you need for the hybrid app and ionic app so our main point is instead of checking the mobile app you should check your requirement first for that before selecting.

We all know that Ionic app development is an open source of SDK framework that helps you to build for the Hybridsmobileapp in any platform whether it’s Android or IOS. So, it doesn’t mean that Ionic and Web app requires less money with limited quality.

It is possible for the Ionic app to run like Nativeapp as it requires PhoneGap and ApacheCardova (mobile application development framework) for this to reach the access. So, in that way, it is possible for the Ionic application to run on your device GPS, accelerometer and other applications.