Scan Gallery Images for Text with Google Photos Latest Feature

Google keeps updating its apps. Hence, there is some or the other update every once in a while. And just like that, there is a new update from Google. Now you can scan gallery images for text with Google Photos’ latest feature. And there is all you need to know […]

Tips and Tricks to go viral on Instagram

Is your business on Instagram? Are you looking for ways to gain spotlight> Not sure what to do to go viral on Instagram? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you must read this article. So, let’s help you find tips and tricks to go viral on […]

Instagram Etiquette: Tips You Need to Know

Apparently, Instagram is one of the most popularly used social networking websites. This also makes it a great spot for online marketing. Is your business too marketing on Instagram? Then I have something to tell you that you really need to know. What is Instagram Etiquette? And what are some […]

Top 7 Ways to Find Unique Facebook Content

Content creation can get a bit difficult sometimes. Apparently, to come up with something unique regularly can be quite taxing. Are you too struggling to find unique content for your Facebook page? Then here’s your cheat-sheet of top 7 ways to find unique Facebook content! Many business organizations use Facebook […]

Now Instagram Reels Can Be Played on WhatsApp Mobile App

A lot has been going on in the market of social media applications. It is especially so for Facebook-owned apps. For one, WhatsApp has been in talks continually since the beginning of this year. Sometimes, it was for its privacy policy update and the other for its feature updates. From […]

Now it’s Easy to Copy and Paste Email Addresses in Gmail for Android

Though nobody exactly owns the internet but Google has definitely been ruling it. The company that started out as an internet search engine now provide many things like data storage, messaging, marketing tools, web browser, calendar, and what not. And today, we are going to talk about one of its […]

Facebook Launched Instagram Lite in 170 Countries

As reported by Facebook on last Wednesday, it is going to launch a ‘lite’ version for Instagram in 170 countries. Which countries are those? What is special in this ‘lite’ version of Instagram? Here’s all you need to know. Social networking has become an important part of our day-to-day lives. […]

Facebook vs Twitter vs Instagram, Which one you should Use?

Social networking websites have become an important part of our day-to-day lives. Be it for news, entertainment, socialising, education, business, and whatnot, social media platforms are our ‘go-to.’ Hence, smart businesses make sure to have social media as a part of their marketing program. However, different platforms are suitable for […]

WhatsApp: New Privacy Policy will be Effective from May

WhatsApp rolled out an in-app notification for all its users two months back, in January 2021. Since then, there has been a constant controversy surrounding it. During this time, many developments took place. Many updates were rolled out, and many new apps entered the market. However, one thing still stands. […]

Do You Need to Know Everything About Hybrid App Development?

Hybrid mobile applications are like any other applications you will see on your mobile. They get easily installed on your mobile device. You can look for these apps in the App stores. By using these apps, you can engage your friends via social media, play games, track your health, take […]

Are you aware about the types of applications?

TYPES OF APPLICATIONS THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR Looking to complete your task in the easiest way with no efforts? Well, your problems with so many difficulties can be solved by mobile application in smartphones. From online shopping to booking air ticket, all your task can be done by applications as such mobile application create a […]

How an applications can gain popularity?

Popularity is only motive to gain success in applications. With lots of efforts and some creativity, app developers always look for the success of their mobile applications. To make an app for the users it’s not an easy task. As it requires lots of attention and more market research. So that you get […]


Keeping the smartphone bug free is challenge. Since smartphone become an essential part of life just like managing the life is challenging task similarly keeping the smartphone bug free is challenging as well.  Unlike desktops and laptops smartphones are a simple target of catching bug, getting lost and stolen by someone etc […]


Use  Holi applications to feel cherish. So, everyone is ready for Holi celebrations with your friends and family. Well, the festival Holi brings a smile in everyone faces as the festival is full of entertainment and cherish so we want all of you to stay happy and celebrate safely. Some […]