Incredible facts of deep web.

Deep web is the part of internet whose content is not indexed by any type of search engine whatsoever. It is also known by the names hidden web or invisible web and it is exactly opposite to general internet which we use daily for accessing of the various types of data and content online.

Information and data of deep web is hidden behind HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol) forums and can be located by IP (Internet protocol) address or direct URL (uniform resource locator) although it might require a passcode or other security access past the general user website page.

Deep web can be used for variety of purposes such as online banking, web mail etc in order to ensuring users internet security through the feature of pay wall.

Deep Web

Deep web is the original web.

It means the internet which we generally use known as surface internet which is only compromises of approximately just 4 percent of the original web. Other than this 4 percent is all belongs to deep web. To be honest till now no one was able to explore full depths of deep web.  Deep web is passing through the phase of transformation in landscape because of technological advancement that is taking place in new services and market places.    

  • Do not misunderstand dark/deep web

Majority of the people think that deep web is all about negative things and criminal mind people used it. Well in that case your surface internet is not so pure either. Good peoples like journalists, whistleblowers, undercover officers, agents etc use deep web in order to completely camouflage their real location and identity. According to certain reports, government through their agents and special officers keep track of the incidents and happenings taking place in the country. So that when needed it can avoid any disaster in form of national threat or natural threat by making necessary preparations.

  • Drug seekers top of using services of deep web

The top marketing platforms and places indicates that lighter drugs like cannabis is the most purchased product in recent years. Due to this, demand of cannabis increases in drug seller shops in order to satisfy their demand they seek the services of deep web.

Certain types of drugs are banned across the globe and have to go through legal procedure for acquiring them. Other than drugs video games and stolen or hacked user accounts are other highly demanding items on the purchase list of deep/dark web.

  • You name it you get it

 The truly dark part of deep web is that majority of the cyber criminals who professionalize in cybercrime operate in the deep web. They can create fake citizenship documents, hire assassinations, murders etc.

 Advertisements for hiring assassinations, murders drug dealers or committing any form of cybercrime do exist in deep web.

  • Deep web can host command and operate infrastructure for malware

By using deep web one can easily take control over command host and other services. It means one can hide malware controlling servers on deep web conveniently. Best example for this case is crypto malware, a type of malware through which one can get access to victim’s documents for ransom.  Malware is so specially created that it was able to automatically adjust the cost and language of the victim’s place no matter in which part of the world victim is residing.

  • Seizing market places is of no use

Capturing or seizing the criminal market place on deep web is of no use. Even if you seize one market place another one will opens. On deep web, large number of online outlets for drugs and other services is available their network is as big as the Silk Road.

  • Strict and narrow forums

The greatest feature of deep web which makes it different from surface web is that it’s not multi niche. Deep web are good for those users who have clarity in their mind regarding their purpose and objectives. Forums of deep web are narrow and specific in nature. Therefore, as long as you have clear purpose in your mind deep web is beneficial for you.

  • Facts about pets

This is not any bizarre or absurd fact which is available on deep web. Even the facts about your pets such as cats, many people love cats and want to access secret information regarding the cats. So cat fact sharing forums also exist on deep web.

By understanding above mentioned points we can say that deep web/dark web is like an ocean of knowledge. Where user can access any type of data and information they want in detail. It is not like something negative or criminal mind only use deep web. It all depends upon individual to individual what type of information they want to get. Information is available which can enlighten you and information also available by using which you can destroy your life. It all depends upon user.