BlockChain vs Bitcoin which one is better?

Competition might be tough, Blockchain vs Bitcoin We remember those days when people read newspaper and what they find out that more and more incidents happens in their town but now the situation is when they read the newspaper then a new technology launched and ready to bring a vast change in […]

Involvement of Cryptocurrency in App development

These days you can run your business only if you have guts to face the risk and also if you have huge money to spend. App Development Companies are always ready to show some creative mobile application for you. Let me explain, how they do that. We all know that app development […]

4 reasons why you should go for Cryptocurrency first

From investment to money transfer, everything is moving towards digitization. It’s very easy for everyone to announce that the country like India is going to digitize in every aspect. Not only India, in fact many other countries are aware that their economy changes every year and everyone is moving towards […]

What are the pros and cons of Blockchain technology?

First of all, let me share something with you before going ahead on the topic. I asked someone which technology is the best and reaching on the top every year? It will be shocking for you but the fact is, he replied to me “All”. He wants to say that […]

Facebook will launch a digital wallet called Calibra in 2020

The social media platform can’t be called as a social media when it is not so popular and if talk about the social media giant Facebook then it’s important for Facebook to reach their access all the time. After facing several controversies regarding their CryptoCurrency platform called Libra, still Facebook […]

Why PayPal withdrew its participation from Libra Association?

Facebook shakes hands with many companies that will help Facebook for its Libra CryptoCurrency business. 28 companies, mostly from tech and payment sectors became original partners of the Libra Association. Now the situation is tough for Facebook as now its own partner has withdrawn from this association. Here I am […]

Like Facebook, telegram will also have its cryptocurrency

We all know about Libra, the digital currency of Facebook. Like Facebook, Telegram also wants to introduce CryptoCurrency. Both apps want to give the experience of their users of digital currency. After introducing this, transfer of money and paying bill will be easy within the app. Let’s try to understand […]

Are you aware about the rival of Blockchain?

very business is reaching at that level where they dreamed, so here credit goes on what? Blockchain is the one behind their success because if you watch out every industry setup or every industry strategy, their main focus to implement the chance to work with Blockchain technique. You can improve […]