Rising trend of smart shoes.

The current age is the age of technology and in this age of technology, modernization trend of smart wearable is growing popular day by day. Smart wearable such as smart watch, fitness band etc. The latest introduction is smart shoes in the wearable category which will do more functions than the normal shoes. It means smart shoes is embedded with health metrics that can evaluate your health provide feedbacks regarding convenience and good health. Smart shoes can works as a high tech brain for ensuring better user experience. Let’s discuss about the features of Smart Shoes.

Smart shoes embedded with various light technologies-

Smart shoe is specially engineered shoes where the sole contains L.E.D light, electronic card, detecting sensors and wireless charging. It allows the shoes full evaluation of the user body so that it can recommend suggestions in the user’s mobile app.

Feature of 3D stride and walking analyzer-

Smart shoes comes with a feature of walking analyzer for analyzing the user’s stride, posture, walking pattern, propulsion level, impact force stability and so on. So that it can prepare a detail report by completing the detailed report your smart shoes can understand:

  • Which part of your foot touch the ground initially?
  • It understand that user is a pronator or supinator.
  • It understand, does the user stride present any possibility of injuries?
  • It will analyze your walking performance and efficiency.

By analyzing all these things it will recommend you necessary suggestions regarding how to reduce fatigues and chances of injuries while walking, running it will improve your posture and positions.

Smart shoes give you feedback-

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By collecting all the data it will provide you feedback regarding fatigue, injury and walking efficiency. So, you can get most out of your walk and daily running exercise it will also advise you what type of shoes you should wear in order to correct your body posture.  Also send you timely notifications and alerts regarding any query.

Smart shoes embedded with tracking technology-

A smart shoe comes with a feature of sensors located at the sole of the shoes. So that it can provide accurate data with real time location. The location tracking sensor of smart shoes even surpass the potential of the personalized GPS of your smart phones and in some case it has been seen that many times smart phones was not able to pin point exact location but smart shoes can tell the exact location.

Smart shoes embedded with movement sensors-

Smart shoes embedded with various types of sophisticated sensors that can keep track of your each and every movement. Smart shoes was even able to tell whether you are walking on flat ground, inclined or steep surface, climbing up stairs. So that it can provides you the details regarding how much calories you have burned.

Feature of cushion monitor-

Majority of the foot injuries happen due to bad cushioning and people will take cushioning factor lightly. Smart shoes comes with a feature of cushioning monitor that continuously analyze the smart shoe’s cushions in case of deterioration of cushioning guard the mobile app will send you the notification and alerts.

In case if cushioning safety level reach more than 35 percent than smart shoes will send you warnings in form of notifications and alerts and will suggest necessary recommendations for new inserts.

Smart shoes embedded with a feature of auto tightening-

Many peoples buy the shoes which has no problems of tightening the laces because despite their effort they could not able to learn proper way of lacing the shoes. This problem is commonly faced by school or college going students. So now you don’t have to worry because smart shoes came with auto lacing system that closes and tightens the shoe at the same time. You can perform this function with the click of your shoes app and if the battery is low then you can also do it manually.