e saw many apps in Google play store and in App store but every apps doesn’t allow you to earn money. YouTube is the app through which you can earn a good amount of money. People want such apps to be launched where they are able to earn some money while using it. No folks it is not so hard to find such apps. You can see many apps in play store because developers are working on this and they have launched many.

Now you are thinking how you can do so. Today in this article I am going to tell you how you can earn money with YouTube application.

What process you need to apply on YouTube to earn money

YouTube is the app where you can share your videos and earn money.

The process of earning money from YouTube app is not so simple but here in this article, I will point out some rare steps that you must follow.

How you can earn money from YouTube application?
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If you are looking to post your videos on YouTube then you need to be careful about it. It should be right and neat and clean because this is your responsibility.  You YouTube channel are always in surveillance by YouTube team. If anything done wrong then your YouTube channel will be ban. Let’s go ahead to know more about it step by step.

1. Setting up your own channel first.

So you are ready to show your talent by making some videos for the audience and to earn from that. Your first process is to operate the Youtube app by creating your own account. When you finish this, your next job is to create your channel where you are allowed to post some videos. You can also add some keywords where it enables every user to search your video but always remember that the keyword should be relevant to the content.

2. Next move is to adding the content

If you get more number of audiences and if you don’t want to lose them so we suggest you to upload the content regularly and it should be of high quality. Don’t get worried if your first content is not so good when you read out the review of the audience, practice it because the job is not so easy. Here you can tag on the videos but remember that you are doing for the audience and to earn some money so regular content is required.

3. Don’t forget to monetize your channel

Now if you are looking for some earning then you need to monetize your channel. It simply means that you are allowing the Youtube to place Ads. If you want to do then-

•    First click on “My Channel” on the webpage

•    Next is to click on the link called “Video Manager” on the top bar

•    Finally click channel and enable the monetization

4. Meet the requirements to access the features

So we already told you that earning from anywhere is not so easy job because you have to do something extraordinary. For this purpose what you have to do is get 1000 subscribers to start earning. Wait not only 1000 subscribers but also 4000 watched hours in previous 12 months. This is a total process which you must have to complete if you want some money from Youtube.

5. Now Google AdSense will play its role

For you, Google AdSense is required as it is one of the important aspects which allow you to earn. You are allowed to add Google AdSense for free of cost just sign up and create your account from AdSense website. It will ask you about your age so make sure you are 18+. Here to get money you need either PayPal or your bank account so the AdSense will verify you before paying you.

6. Check the Analytics and marketing too

If you don’t know about this then let me tell you that if you did the entire job which we mention above then your next is to check the analytics about how it performing. You will find out the Analytics option from Channel Menu. You can check out the video earning, performance, ad performance and many more.

But here we want to say that you just uploading the videos are not a good idea. You have to write blog or need to share the link to various social media account so that you get number of viewers for your YouTube Channel. This is what we call marketing. By this way you can earn money from YouTube.

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