Are you an Instagram influencer or a new brand marketing your products on Instagram ? Then you must be anxious about various updates that Instagram keeps doing. As an influencer you need to be updated with every Instagram update. You don’t want to get left behind of other influencers. Social media marketing has gained immense popularity among people. Within that, Instagram has been used for marketing on a huge scale. Instagram is updating its platform time and again. Instagram has updated few policies and added new features to the platform. This article will cover all the recent Instagram updates that you should know

Instagram updates that you should know

Instagram updates

➨Instagram uncover Rooms

After addition of Instagram live feature on Instagram, now Instagram has added another feature called Rooms. This is a live broadcasting feature which will allow upto four participants. Earlier live streams allowed only one person that will interact with his followers. According to Adam Mosseri, this multi participant feature was the most demanded feature after the COVID-19 pandemic started.

Rooms was originally tested in India in December 2020 and it performed well. Now it is rolling out on a global scale. From social media marketing perspective this feature is very significant. As it is really important to collaborate with other social media influencers to gain followers and drive traffic.  This feature will let influencer collaborate more.

➨Recently deleted posts

Did you delete a post incidentally? This new feature has got you covered. Instagram launched a new feature called Recently deleted.  This feature will help users access accidentally deleted post. When you delete a post, Instagram will remove that post and transfer that over to the Recently deleted folder. You can access your previously deleted post inside it and can also restore the deleted content in the Instagram account. You need to just click the icon on the top right corner in your profile.  Then go to settings > account > Recently Deleted folder.    

➨Hide likes

This feature is still work in progress. Instagram is testing this feature that will allow users to hide their likes counts on the posts. This feature aims to reduce the pressure on users of Instagram. Less number of likes affects some people emotionally who are sensitive and cautious about these things.

➨Remix in Reels

After Tik-Tok got banned in India and several other countries last year. Instagram started its quest to fill the gap. It launched Instagram Reels which is very much similar to Tik-Tok in which you can make Vertical styled videos. And now Instagram has made another update on Reels following the footsteps of Tik-Tok. Remix option for Reels is very much similar to Tik-Tok duet feature. This feature is another way of collaborating on Instagram but it’s a little different than normal collaboration. This tool will allow you to interact with other clips posted by other users too. You can make new versions of it and may modify the original upload.

To enable remix on your older Reels, tap the three dot menu and hit ‘Enable Remixing’  To remix reels of someone else,  you need to ask them to do the same. You can turn off Remix at any time via settings for all reels or the three dot menu for the  individual reel. This will increase the amount of content and engagement on Instagram . This is available on both iOS and android.

➨Affiliate feature under development

Affiliate Marketing is a part of digital marketing which allows you to earn money by promoting product of a brand which rewards you with commission everytime somebody buys their product using affiliate links.  The same can be done on Instagram too if Instagram incorporates this feature on its platform. Then creators on Instagram can earn commissions by marketing products and sharing them. But this is still under development and we can hear its launch anytime soon. I will keep you posted on it.

➨No message to teens

Social media has become a common platform for teens harassment. Few adults harass teenagers on Instagram by constantly messaging them or by sending inappropriate content or abusive content. Especially those adults who sends messages to those teens who doesn’t follow them.

Instagram mentioned in a blog that their motive is to protect teens from unwanted contacts from adults. This feature they have introduced which will prevent adults from messaging people under 18 who don’t follow them. For instance, when an adult tries to message a teen who doesn’t follow them, a notification will be sent to the recipient saying DM’ing isn’t an option. This is to predict people’s ages using machine learning technology and the age people give when they sign up. As Instagram is moving to end-to-end encryption, they are investing in features that protect the privacy and keep people safe without actually accessing the content of DM’s.

It also said that safety notices to encourage teens to be careful while interacting with adults. For example, if an adult tries to get in touch with a lot of users who are below 18 Instagram will alert the recipient about his potentially suspicious behavior and will give them an option to end the conversation or even block them.  Instagram is encouraging its under 18 users to opt for private accounts. It is also developing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology to verify the age of the user. Instagram doesn’t allow under 13 kids to create an account but some users can lie about their age.


Instagram is a big platform. Bigger the platform is, higher are the issues. It’s constantly trying to make users privacy and online security it’s priority which is very significant at this time since web security is consistently in news. So it’s necessary to make sure that it’s users are also updated with these new Instagram updates to make their interaction more creative, engaging and secure.

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