In future IOT connections will be enabled by satellite

To deal with the unreliability of terrestrial infrastructures, global tech market advisory firm has been announced that 24 million IOT connections will be enabled by satellite till 2024. According to a report there will be approximate 400 million IOT devices are available with cellular connections. This data has been taken […]

Now you can share your file offline through Opera Mini?

We know the power of the internet and technology. Day by day it is increasing.  With the help of internet you can send files anywhere from one place to another. But now sharing files or anything that you want to send directly to next person in an offline mode or […]

Is Google’s still working on Chinese search engine or not?

Ithink what Google has done for everyone is hard to find out with another tech to do such thing. We have seen many updates many new features which keep our interest going on. People like to spend their time on Google via internet as they know that whatever the problem […]

Did you know the meaning of “i” in iPhone, iMac and iPad

Here most of you are Apple lovers and we all love devices and smart gadgets introduced by Apple. Today just normally I raised a question that why the Apple company has used the word “i” before introducing any gadgets? Have you ever thought that why “i” word comes first for […]