Political parties presented many bills whether it’s for healthcare purposes or about anything. Now the current situation is related to the current economy. Well, we have something special for you if you keep these things aside and think about the bill known as “Personal Data Protection Bill” 2018 which is likely to introduce in June 2019 after the election.

The report said that soon the bill is going to present in the Parliament and to implement it. Union Communication, Electronic and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad play a key role in this. He promised few days back that the bill is important to pass by the parliament and their members are looking to show the importance of this bill.

The ministry of MeitY already sent the draft of bill to law maker to check and to recommend any amendments if required.

What comes under ‘Personal Data Protection Bill’? 

We get to know that ‘Personal Data Protection Bill’ 2018 is based on the recommendation of the government where they restricted and imposes the conditions on cross-border transfer of personal data. Also, the bill suggests setting up of Data Protection Authority of India to keep you alert from any misuse of user’s personal information. Even the Bill addresses Reserve Bank of India where they require “data relating to payment systems” stored in a system only in India.

We want to share some highlights about the Bill. So let’s understand the role or what more the Bill requires.

Highlights of ‘Personal Data Protection Bill’

  • First is about the data processing. The Bill regulated the processing of personal data of the single user by government and private entities too in India and Abroad. One more thing, if an individual gives consent then the process is allowed or at the time of medical emergency.
  • ‘Personal Data Protection Bill’ allow for the exemptions for some types of data processing like at interest of national security, about the legal proceeding, processing for journalistic purposes.
  • The bill needs the serving copy of personal data should be stored in the territory of India. In fact, critical personal data need to be stored solely within the country.
  • For the supervision and regulate data fiduciaries, Bill plays a role by keeping the national-level “Data Protection Authority” under it.
  • Some special rights have been shared by Data Principal, for example- seeking correction and getting access to the data which already stored with fiduciary.

Ravi Shankar Prasad said about the data privacy

He said, “Government is for free and fair accessibility of Internet through various gates and against any restriction, at the same time, it cannot allow terrorist to make use of privacy plea while regretting that some application, like WhatsApp, are not doing enough to check the misuse of the medium by communalist and radicalists.”

Very soon center will introduce ‘Personal Data Protection Bill’
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Basically, he pointed out the two biggest platforms of social media which are WhatsApp and Facebook. He wants that the applications cooperate with the government and this is for checking abuse of the platform. No wait; this is also for revealing and even exposing the abusive messages of the messenger.

Some issues and analysis regarding ‘Personal Data Protection Bill’

• Basically Data Fiduciary is to inform the DPA about data breach if such data is going to harm any individual.

• The bill will make sure to mandate the storage copy of personal data within India. It requires expediting law enforcement access to the data but this situation is not the same in some matter like when the Fiduciary is not registered as an entity in a foreign country.

• No State is allowed for seeking the individual’s consent while providing all such benefits and services. 

Final Thoughts…

The rate of cyber-criminal activities is in rise. Indian government is looking to stop or reduce all these things. From past nine years bill is pending to implement. Many drafts have been structured for “Personal Data Protection Bill”. First version of this bill was formed in 2010 but nothing came in light. Now finally this bill is again in process to protect the Indian citizen’s digital privacy.

This is all about the steps taken by MeitY for Personal Data Protection bill. Now we all have to wait till June when it gets approval. Till then get in touch with us and keep reading.