Artificial Intelligenc will make you healthy, wealthy and wise.

The greatest breakthrough in technological field of 21st century is A.I (artificial intelligence) and the trend of artificial intelligence is on the rise and making the impact on almost each and every types of sector. Since it is so advanced technological innovation that now not only Apple but other competitors like Google, Blackberry etc. are developing their own Artificial intelligence system. Reliance jio also start working on artificial intelligence system hangout.

So, now you can understand how much important development of A.I has become. But today we are going to discuss about the impact of A.I on your health and fitness.

Keep your mind healthy, body automatically becomes healthy

Due to hectic life style and busy working schedule, it takes a great toll on the human body in terms of health and wellness. According to research, studies in United States indicated that companies and industries suffer a huge loss of $300 billion annually due to absentee of employees and workers working in a toxic or hectic environment.

In order to solve this issue, help of technology is become essential. Therefore efforts have been made to deploy A.I in work place and office environments. So that it can offer meditative practices, techniques in the working environments which can employee’s well being result in retention of employees and increase in productivity.

Rise of wellbeing technology at workplaces

To ensure the health and wellbeing of the workers and employees, companies or firms has started revolutionizing the working environments by installing the A.I. such as trackers, digital platforms. Innovative health and safety technologies such as wearables, application based tracking equipment’s etc. The device measures wellbeing of individual record user’s information via automated trackers but few E-health brands now provides metrics and action plan based on collective/combined outputs along with real time suggestion and tips through big data and machine learning.

Cognitive insights

Cognitive insight is a feature of Artificial intelligence that contains metrics which can identify and read behavioral patterns of a person. With the help of machine learning, deep learning programing and analyzing the behavioral pattern A.I can mimic human brain activities. It can analyze high probable matches in behavior among the data connected to person or firm even if the data contained in different formats.

A.I helps in maintaining workplace relationships

Artificial intelligence helps in maintaining relationships with HR, C.E.O by providing insights to create cohesive and efficient team. HR or C.E.O of a firm may deploy wit some AI devices like Etch, AI-Led contact manager which gives insight and details to analyze the roles, progress and projects for each and every worker and employee via data filtered system.

How AI Can Affect Your Health And Wellness?
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Artificial intelligence can also help in increase the productivity of the firm by providing the data how employees and workers connect or behave with each other. Humanyze a startup that offers smart ID badges which can keep track of workers and employees throughout the office. This startup provides an opportunity to the major brands and companies to keep an eye on the activities of their employees and workers.  

 A.I compatible offices

Well, it is true that A.I can positively impact wellness and health of people but every office or firm cannot afford to buy A.I enabled devices or products. Therefore, need of building the firms and an office that supports the A.I system is becomes essential for providing the employees productivity, safety and transparency.

A.I compatible offices can also provide mental relief to the workers by assessing their mood via input data or with the help of emotion assessing technology. Installing of automated sensors in offices and working environments can adjust natural lighting requirements of the building throughout the entire working hours.

Artificial intelligence can also provide water to the plants there is no need of human effort. A.I technology can also enhance security features of an offices and firms by monitoring and analyzing individual patterns and behavioral attitudes and speech. C.E.O can also install emergency devices like Orion’s lab panic bot that will automatically sends the emergency or hazardous alerts to the workers.

On a concluding note we can say that healthy mind is essential for healthy body as a result happy feeling. It means if you want your employee to be the asset of your firm and company he/she should enjoy their work nor take it as burden. This very thing determines the future of your firm or business. Therefore do not exploit your workers if working environment is not up to the standard or high pressure of work etc. whatever the reason than in any case worker might feel unhappy or uncomfortable at office or firm if they then take the help of above mentioned Artificial intelligence technology methods, tips knowledge and increase your productivity with suitable working environment.