“Darkness”, a sign of negativity. This is what usually people think about it, right? Well, it is truly a sign of negativity especially in western culture as black cloths are worn by widows in the funeral.  For them, black cloths are used for gloomy days which are unfortunate or negative.

Similarly, it is also regarded as a sign of evil.

However, in eastern culture, it is not considered as a sign of negativity because it is considered a sign of mysteriousness. Today, even scientists have accepted, what eastern culture has said long ago (centuries earlier), that everything comes from nothing and goes to nothing. It means even before the solar system or the creation of planets if anything existed then it was pure darkness (nothingness).

Similarly, technology has also adopted this concept and introduced a “dark mode” in mobile devices.

The reason behind introducing this dark mode in devices is that people usually like dark user interface. The demand of dark mode has become so prevalent that now WhatsApp also has introduced dark mode in its desktop version. 

Primarily, it was Facebook who was working on Dark mode. As now WhatsApp has owned by Facebook so the company has decided to let its popular messaging application upgrade in the user interface by integrating Dark mode.

How to use WhatsApp dark mode in desktop?
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Besides, why not to make changes in WhatsApp too? It seems users are getting bored with the same old green theme, now they want some fun, some uniqueness.

Snapchat, the competitor of WhatsApp has many features like self-destruct messages which makes it more unique and that’s what makes it harder to ignore by people. So, in order to sustain its monopoly and making it a number one messaging application, the company has to introduce new features in WhatsApp too.  Therefore, an XDA member m4sheshd has developed a styling Mod for the desktop version of WhatsApp. 

Now you are thinking what is WhatsApp Mod?

Stylish Mod is basically synchronizing the WhatsApp desktop client with a dark colored theme. This makes the WhatsApp usual interface more unique and interesting.

The XDA part’s mod with its NodeJS establishment content targets components that are in charge of the envoys UI and it doesn’t get in contact with different codes in charge of the working with the customers.

Stylish Mod is an open-source platform that allows developers to check and scan throughout the source code.

In case, if you still face any difficulty with it then the developer will provide the option of creating installation script.

With this script, you can prepare a backup of WhatsApp original source. So, if you want to return back to original user interface you can do it with ease without much trouble.

Steps to activate Dark mode on the desktop version of WhatsApp

  1. First, download WhatsApp Desktop client
  2. After downloading the link, next download WhatsApp Desktop Dark Mode styling for both MacOS and Windows. Take Windows version fromhttps://github.com/m4heshd/whatsapp-
  3. desktop-dark/releases/download/0.3.4479/WADark-0.3.4479-Windows.zip and macOS version from https://github.com/m4heshd/whatsapp-desktop-dark/releases/download/0.3.4479/WADark-0.3.4479-macOS.zip.
  4. In this step, the user needs to obtain the downloaded Zip file and run WADARK.EXE located at the root directory. One thing developers should keep in mind is that they need to make sure that WhatsApp desktop should run before you initiate installation. When the installation finishes, the dark mode will be easily accessible.

Procedure for returning back to default mode

Experts and developers have advised not to delete or remove the script folder just after your installation got completed.  

The reason is that the script will automatically prepare the backup for users’ original WhatsApp source in a situation when the user wants to return to the default theme.


By going through the above-mentioned points, we can say that developers (WhatsApp) are trying their best to retain their monopoly in the messaging app market. Integration of Dark mode in desktop version is perfect for them to upgrade the performance of WhatsApp.

If WhatsApp will not do this then it will have to face trouble in the future as Snapchat is slowly and steadily moving forward and making its place in the digital world. It’s just a matter of time that it will surpass it soon.   The reason behind the success of Snapchat is that Snapchat is so advanced and embedded with unique features and it has taken control over the heart and minds of young generations. Now, it’s time for WhatsApp to come up with unique features and gives its users a surprise.

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