Apps which can destroy your life

Since smart phone has become an essential part of life along with applications. There is a hardly any task left for which you will not find an app. Different types of applications are available for serving different purposes.

But in the storm of smart phone applications on IOS and Android, there are some applications which negatively impacting the user’s life especially these are the applications used to commit cybercrimes.

Unlike apple Google play store has been criticized for its lack in approach and commitment in filtering unsafe content and if user is not careful then his data can be tracked, hacked or stolen etc. Therefore, today we are going to enlist some the major apps that have been badly influencing our day to day life.

  • ES file Explorer

The most popular and commonly used file explorer application but those who are using its free version can face some serious problems such as issue of bloatware and adware. It also constricts users from downloading additional apps by allowing the frequently popping up of non-disable notification bar.

There are many better and good performing file explorer apps available there in your app stores such as FX file explorer and OI file manager that can provide you better features and experience.

  • UC browser

It was one of the commonly used browsers on Android developed by Alibaba incorporation. Since the government ban on Adult sites in India, the downloading rate of this browser has been increased significantly because it can bypass all the security configurations which put up by government on adult sites. But this is not only bad reason for you the real reason as it can also tracks your geo location data (including IP address, street name, longitude and latitude of location.) and sends your search queries without encryption to a Yahoo India and Google. So think twice before using because your one time enjoyment can grant you to access to the Indian Jail.

List out Some Apps Which Are Influencing Badly Our Life?
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  • Momo

A gaming app which provides series of task that user has to perform in order to become number 1 daring person. Each and every task of this app is designed for harming human body, especially designed to target youth. Well nothing is clear who made this app and for what purpose. But a suspicion is that it is designed to corrupt the youth of European nations or first world countries.

  • Blue whale

Similar to momo it is also the game which is responsible to taken numbers of live. It was suspected that it was developed in Russia, for what purpose that is remains unknown. Russian police has arrested few convicts after the suicide of around 138 peoples in the country. The reason for developing an app still remains unclear. Although not only in Russia, this app has taken the lives of youth across the globe. When ask for the ban in India it was stated that it is not an app but a social networking phenomenon which cannot be banned completely.

  • Tweetpee

An app that could be lesson to novice app developers and programmers built  on IOS platform for specific purpose of baby sitting

It is the app design for baby sitting and by using this user can share a tweet to the parents informing about when their child has urinated and parents has the choice to immediate retweet it.

Although quite useful to a few parents but the whole concept of retweeting further turns this app into a complete disaster and become as a disgrace to a smart phone app market. It is good if the information regarding one’s child remain confined to their parents but what’s the point of sharing it further. By adding this option, app developer has committed a huge mistake which he might not be able to calculate it before developing the app.

Also what will happen when your kid grows up and see the status of his childhood peeing shared with others. It is going to be huge embarrassment for him/her. In this we can say that the Idea of app developer was unique but the execution was imperfect, therefore, ended as a failure.

  • Du battery saver and fast charge

One of the apps who have received great percentage of download, approximately 7.6 million downloads around the globe. We deny admitting it. All those 7.6 million people are not only wrong but a foolish too because all the tips of battery saving app offer you where you can adjust those settings with your device also.

It claims of fast charging and enhancing performance of the battery. No app has the capacity and ability to make changes and improvements in device charging ability. All those fancy graphs and battery boosting process of the app has no impact on device. I had personally used this app and had the same feeling and doubts. So please beware.

On a concluding note we can say that above mentioned are not only has bad impact on user lifestyle but some of those can even harm you physically. It is recommended before downloading any app you have clear objective and purpose in mind and also read reviews and ratings given by other users that will benefit you further.