A sales channel is a marketing technique to capture visitors through your site and convert as Digital Marketing Agencies in Sheffield many of those visitors might be selling.

Your sales funnel is the most important aspect of your digital marketing campaign when it comes to changing marketing efforts into profits. It’s important to put some time into the planning and make sure that the focus of web design, traffic sources and email marketing campaigns.

A sales channels incorporating everything from getting traffic to your site by making a purchase. funnel directing web visitors to the desired outcome. This will make it more likely that you will make a sale that instead of losing them at some point in their browsing session.

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See the diagram below for a simple sales channels.

content marketing sales channel

Sales channels above are examples of marketing content and can be adapted to a variety of industries. In this example the traffic is sent to the client site through social media postings, social ads and organic search. To get this traffic clients will share an interesting blog post to their social events or potential customers find their blog post while searching Google.

Once the prospect has reached the site there is a pop up that offers a free ebook. It is important to mention that content marketing only works when there is an interesting and attractive content to offer. For example, a blog post in this scenario will answer general questions for industrial clients or offered to solve common problems. Ebook then will extend the solution to the problem of giving potential customers a reason to exchange them for the details.

Once a potential customer has entered their details added to their email marketing campaigns to follow up issues or questions raised in the original blog post.

This email marketing campaign designed to drive potential clients returned to the client website where they can make a purchase or book for sales calls.

If the marketing campaign failed prospect emial initaial added to the secondary campaign to follow up on a less regular intervals.

If the funnel successful in turning prospects into clients they will be added to upsell campaigns.

In this type of sales channel value ladder concept comes into play.

The first step is to offer something free such as an ebook to exchange something of value is small, the prospect of detail.

Email marketing campaigns and then following on from this offer more value in exchange for better grades.

see the diagram below.

value ladder

It is important to mention that the right sales channel for your business can have a one-step or could have 30. A good example of this is the sales channel for emergency locksmith is very simple. It will be similar to the following;

A potential customer searches for an emergency locksmith when they are locked out of their homes.

They found a company on the first page of Google and delivered to a landing page with a clear telephone number and click the button to call. They called in the book business and their services.

It could even have one step, with the search engines now have the ability to dial directly from the search results page. In general, the longer the decision-making process for buyers again your sales channel needs to be.

For customers traveling through each stage of the funnel, they go through a stage following purchases:

Awareness – find out about products or services from advertising, Google search, social media mentions, or other sources

Flowers – who want to know more about the products and services to read more information or to subscribe to your list

The decision – at the point Digital Marketing Company Sheffield of making a purchase decision and consider the different packages and the selection

Action – completing the sale.

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