After knowing all such updates and new features presented, Google is unstoppable as they are now focusing more to promote some news via live promoting strategy. We all use Google to watch some information regarding any matter but there are still few people whose daily work is to open Google and search for the latest news going on. News is of many types like sports or politics which is a must for everyone to get aware of original reporting. Google has something new for all and I am sure you gonna love this feature. The search engine giant declared that it is looking to highlight original reporting in Google search results.

Do you like when Google search result provides you those articles that determine to investigate reporting or something more important like that? Most of you like this new concept so a new change is going to be highlighted soon with a change to the algorithm. I think a new pattern can get most of the viewers but also you can watch some criticism regarding news media. I don’t know about the future but right now let’s understand the present scenario which is going on regarding this. So readout carefully.

Is Google promoting the reporting just for ranking? 

You all know the rule and power of Google so I guess you all will understand with this change in algorithm will help all original reporting news. The Search engine giant announced a new update for the algorithm that will promote original reporting I know but also ranking is a different thing. They are looking to keep the original reporting at the top spot of search results. Google is sure that it will keep the original reporting at the top for long so that it can gain a number of viewers regarding that news. 

Is this change bad for businesses?

  • Most of you might like this new update and new change for promoting original reporting and about algorithm but some of the businesses can face the downfall. I will tell you how as nobody outside Google doesn’t know exactly what the consequence of this change will be.
  • You can even include people inside Google who don’t know all such matters. When the feature is going to highlight then it may change the business model of thousands of websites quickly.
  • So, from now onwards every big company has a plus point too as they get anywhere near the idea of getting the best ranking these days. 

What does Google want to say? let’s understand this too 

Google can’t step back when the company wants to inform something about a change. Google said in a blog post “While we typically show the latest and most comprehensive version of a story in news results, we have made changes to our products globally to highlight an article that we identify as significant original reporting. Such an article may stay a highly visible position longer. This prominence allows users to view the original reporting while also looking at more recent article alongside it.” 

Google introduced new Algorithm change for original news reporting
Image Credit: Google Image

The Search engine giant also highlighted original reporting and said “There is no absolute definition of original reporting, nor there is an absolute standard for establishing how original a given article is. It can mean different mean to different newsroom and publishers at different times, so our efforts will constantly evolve as we work to understand the life cycle of a story.” 

What kind of stories will be promoted?

I think most of you got to know what Google will focus on kind of stories regarding original reporting. Still, Google Vice President of News, Richard Gingras reveals this matter.

Only those stories are going to highlight that were critically vital and that need some investigative skills. Something like these stories will be promoted.

Is it a good impression? I think Google has done something good for those who want regular update regarding their reporting work, they get to know more and more information and if Google update like this, it is easy for them to get deep knowledge. One more important point, those articles that provide deep information, investigative reporting and all such news matter will get the highest possible rating by reviewers. 

Statement of Google Vice President Richard Gingras

Now, what Google Vice President of News Richard Gingras speaks out let’s appreciate this too. He said, “Recently, we have made ranking updates and publish changes to our search rate guidelines to help us better recognize original reporting, surface it more prominently in Search and ensure it stays there longer”.

I think this clearly explains to you after reading the Vice President stated that if you are interested to know some latest news then you find it as original reporting will highlight first. Also, you can say that every publisher can gain a plus point for having their original reporting news goes viral and widely seen by everyone who is interested to know the up-to-date material. 

Final thought…

Every year Google make several changes in its Algorithms. Changes made in reporting news algorithm is the important that Google have focused this year.  Now, Google search result provides you original reporting and focus more on the latest news so that you get to know the details about the current situations on top.

The article that is providing deep knowledge and also investigative reporting will be highlighting more and yes you can say good news for the publishers too after this new change going to happen.

We will update you folks, if we get any changes regarding this matter till then keep reading and get in touch with us.