Best SEO Framework That Keeps You Ahead from competition

Site improvement (SEO) is related with showing up at a conspicuous affirmation content, explanations, online diaries, backlinks, UI/UX plans, social media and care about competitors. A reasonable and all around recognized SEO framework causes you upsurge traffic inflow, raise brand care, and usurp foe’s SERPs. Here’s your smart layout on […]

What Google Says About Their Logo Color?

Get insight of the reason behind the colors used in Google Logo Google which has revolutionized the communication sector, a program whose aura in digital world is unmatched. Any type of information, data content is now just few clicks away. But today we are not going to talk about what Google […]

Google removed 29 photos stealing mobile applications

Fake mobile applications removed, now your picture is safe. Security is the first priority of everyone as every user first check whether the application is safe to use or not. These days many hackers are moving in the play store and their only motive is to steal the personal information […]

What to add something special to make your website interesting?

If your audience wants to know about your business then what the first thing they will do before going to meet you personally? They can simply check your website which your developer developed. Here they can show some rare features with good effects of theme and also some accurate contents. […]

Google may stop the service for Airtel, Reliance Jio and Vodafone

The tech-giant is such an established company which can order any rule and we company have to obey their rules. Wait; do you know who is Tech-giant? Here I am talking about the Google that has the power to launch the application, stop the application, launch different advanced technology and […]

Now Android Q will be known as Android 10

Hello everyone! Today I am here to share something important. Google has announced that previously launched Android Q will be knows as Android 10. Similarly from now it will use numbers for their upgraded versions. Google also announced that no more sweet names will be used for their Android versions. […]

Now you can share your Facebook post on WhatsApp

Here I can clarify to you many social media applications because there are too many who gives you the finest feature that you are looking for. People always choose the right option and always go with those application which get popularity. Apart from Facebook there is no such app which […]

‘Do not disturb’ has been added to Gmail and Hangouts

Previously we heard that Google is terminating its hangout for G-suit users. Also it will replace its name by Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. Now the timeline of shutting down app has been extended and the latest news is that Google introduced new feature in it. This feature is called […]

‘Google job search’ is going through investigation by EU

There is no doubt to say that Google has something which other companies can’t show. What Google has done for its users is hard to expect from other big companies. We all are reading something special about Google these days whether they introduced us an advanced feature or something related […]

Only few hours left to launch “Apple Arcade”

Now your wait comes to an end. Not only you, but I am also excited Apple has finally revealed the date to launch of “Apple Arcade” service during its iPhone 11 launch. So, tomorrow which means on 19th September 2019 you can operate this Apple Arcade service in your Apple […]

Do you know about Android Anti-theft App?

Well as security loopholes with Google based platform Android is increasing day by day. Recently Google has made a policy of paying hackers to find bug issues in millions of apps in form of Google Bounty program. Similarly, Android anti-theft has been started to make your device more secure. Android […]