Since the inception of 21st century we have witnessed paradigm shifts in technology. New technologies are developing every year. We can very commonly hear the terms ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Internet of things’, ‘Cloud Computing’ and many more. One more popular technology is ‘Machine Learning’. In this article I will be discussing about what is machine learning and how machine learning is transforming the world.

Let’s cut to the chase

What is machine learning?

Though the term ‘Machine Learning’ is not new. It was coined by the Father of Machine Learning Arthur Samuel in 1952. He was a computer scientist at IBM and also a pioneer of Artificial Intelligence. He designed a computer program for playing checkers. But the work on its development has been seen in the last decade.  

Machine learning is the technology by using which a computer can be programmed with the ability to self-teach and enhance its performance of a particular task. It is the study of computer algorithms that enhance itself automatically through experience and by the use of data. It is often considered as a part of Artificial Intelligence. In other words, machine learning includes analyzing big data, the automatic retrieval of information and using it to make predictions and decode whether the information was correct. And if it was incorrect then learning from that to make correct predictions in the future.

This technology is being used in various online platforms like entertainment platforms where algorithm analyzes user’s search, payment or history determining what the user is trying to look for or likely to look for. Then according to that information a prediction is made which is delivered in the form of potential results that the user might like.

We all must agree that the data produced is so huge that it can’t be analyzed manually that’s why we have machine learning. Billions of people are searching for something on the internet which creates a huge amount of data. This machine learning analyze that data in order to deliver results that the user might want.

But now machine learning has crossed the boundaries and it is no longer limited to the Google searches or social media data.

How Machine Learning is transforming the world

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is now part of so many areas all over the world. It is being integrated into multiple industries. It’s use has become so one with the industries that we all are witnessing an unprecedented transformation of the world by Machine learning. The implications of this technology can be observed on many industries. Some thinks it is a wonderful thing while others say it is disastrous. Well, it depends on the kind of profession you are in.

Let’s see how machine learning is affecting different fields of work.

➨ Health care industry

Machine learning has become an important part of our daily health and well being hence it has become an important ally of our health care industry. It is already being used for faster diagnosis of a disease in patient. It is also in use in the prevention process. By analyzing the information received from data such as age, socio-economic status, genetic history etc. It predicts the potential health issue one may likely to get.  

Hospitals are employing AI algorithm in their system to detect tumors in radiology scans and analyze different signs that might cause cancer. And it is also moving forward in the direction of curing cancer.

➨ Law

Law firms are using machine learning to process huge amounts of data related to legal precedents. It is being used to review documents and previous cases within seconds which otherwise would take many hours. It definitely helps in expediting the process of any case and speeding up the trials.

➨ Teaching industry

Teachers has to perform various tasks along with teaching which obviously a machine can’t handle as of now. But machine can definitely reduce the load of work on teachers. For instance, by using student’s data and other data like syllabus of the students, it can prepare study plans specifically for students whose needs are different. Results can be analyzed by the algorithms which will reduce the time taken by the teachers to grade the papers and they can utilize that time for something more important then.

A students learning abilities can be determined by analyzing the attendance and performance of that student in the class and tests. So machine learning can here play an important role in reducing the burden of teachers as well as students.

➨ Labour industry

This is the industry which can easily be dominated by machine learning. So the skilled and manual labourer are always under threat. We are already seeing the automation of industries. Machines are taking place of trained workers specially in industry where heath of the workers is a major concern like mining and factories.

There are already driver less trucks operating in the mines of Australia . But still some things machines can’t function like ability to make quick decision and quick fixes if something goes wrong.

➨ Transport industry

This is another industry which can undergo a huge transformation due to machine learning technology. Many countries are already testing driver less trains and cars and buses. It is expected that by the next decade a lot of our transport sector will be automated like shipping and rail network will be automated.  For instance, the luxurious car company Rolls Royce has teamed up with Google to design world’s first self driving ship. Canadian aviation companies are in line to produce pilot-less commercial aircraft.

NASA has already launched and landed an autonomous space shuttle. So from roads to waters to skies and even to space we are seeing an increase in the use of machine learning technology. Most probably this trend will keep going upward only.  

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To wrap up

Machine learning is really transforming the world. Many industries are already using this technology to enhance the efficiency and productivity of their business. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that machines are slowly taking over the world which can be a good thing as long as it is under human control. And if industries don’t control them then we will see more machines and less people in the workplace.  

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