With changing calendars every year technology trends keeps changing. This article will revolve around top technology trends to watch in 2021.

Do you know Sophia? No, she is not an actress or sportswomen. Sophia is a humanoid robot. Yes you read it right. She is ‘human-like’, talks like human and walks like human. She is intelligent too. But unlike humans, her intelligence is not natural it is ‘Artificial Intelligence.’ You must have read or at least heard this big heavy word somewhere but don’t actually know the meaning of.

Technology trends to watch

Since the inception of 21st century we have seen internet going popular. Then came social media, after that came online entertainment and now we are seeing online shopping too. Though these things existed even in the 90s also, like e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay started in 1995. But due to lack of access to internet, people was unaware of them. But now that internet has reached to almost every part of this world. These things have gained very much popularity in the last decade especially.

Likewise, humankind has witnessed unprecedented changes and rapid shifts in recent years. Now a days you can commonly hear kids talking about Artificial Intelligence, CryptoCurrency etc. But what exactly are these new technologies which most people are unaware of. In this article, we are going to talk about some technology trends that you can watch in 2021 because it’s so important to walk hand in hand with technology.

Top technology trends to watch in 2021

#. 5G

We all use 4G internet on our mobile phones right? There was a time few years back when we used to run our mobile phones on 2G internet. Then came 3G, then 4G and now another updation has been done. 5G is the present now. Some countries have already started 5G services in their countries for instance, South Korea, China & USA. Some are on the list.

How 5G is different than the previous Gs like 2G, 3G or 4G. Unlike 2G, 3G and 4G which were mainly used to run web internet and mobile internet. 5G has definitely got an upperhand since it is 10-100 times faster than 4G. High speed and lower latency makes it ideal for latest technologies which need high speed internet to perform their actions. 5g will take connectivity to new heights and will play a major role in developing new technologies.

#. Blockchain Technology

You remember that twitter crypto currency hack that happened last year, and recently Founder and CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk announced that Tesla Electric vehicles can be bought using Bitcoins. So what are these things that are trending worldwide?

According to Euromoney, Blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system.

There is a wrong notion among people that blockchain is just about cryptocurrency or bitcoins but it’s not. Blockchain is an umbrella term. And these things are just part of it.

Blockchain has been increasingly used in healthcare, advertisements, Supply and chain, Logistics Management. It is like a decentralized digital ledger and it keeps records of every transaction made across the network of computer systems all over the world.

The reason of its popularity is the level of security and transparency it provides. Its market is expected to reach US$ 20 Billion by 2025.

#. Artificial Intelligence

Remember Sophia, I mentioned it in the introduction. She works on the technology of Artificial Intelligence. AI as it is written in short is basically like programming a machine in a way that kind of gives them human like traits; they can think and perform mind functions like human. Best example is Sophia, She is a robot but this AI technique has made her think human like. She has problem solving and learning abilities like humans. Here we are simulating human intelligence in a machine.

#. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

This is a fairly new technology. Virtual Reality and Augmented reality are interconnected. Virtual reality creates a physical world like environment and Augmented reality basically enhances that with the help of computer generated elements.

This has been used extensively in gaming these days where the visuals resemble too much with the real world that it feels like you’re a part of that game in the physical world. Now a days Education platforms are also adopting these technologies to make their learning platform innovative so that they provide better learning experience to students.

VR & AR are also in use for training purposes in defense services and medical field where a war-like and operation-like simulation is created that gives the personnel’s to get a kind of hands-on experience which they use when they are in that situation in real world. This will be one of an interesting technology trends to watch.

#. Cloud computing

Cloud computing is providing online storage services like databases, servers, software, analytics etc. In this, user’s involvement is not direct, some data centers look after the storage and maintenance of databases around the world. This is also called cloud storage.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Work from home became a thing. Cloud computing helped many companies in continuing their working. It helps connecting people and business even in a remote environment. Due to the sudden jump in video calling and online meetings and conferences during the pandemic, a huge demand for internet bandwidth was witnessed globally. Cloud computing handled these unexpected demands very well, as it can handle unexpected rise in internet bandwidth usage.

Technologies like AI and Internet of things require processing massive data in real time which can now be done by this cloud computing technology.

#. Internet of Things (IoT)

There was a time when landline phones were used to connect internet to personal computers, then came Wi-Fi which can connect to your mobile and computers. Now a days many more things are connected to Wi-Fi like smart TVs, cars and other appliances.

So this connection of internet to things is Internet of things (IoT). To some extent human bodies have also been using this IoT technology with Fitness bands that monitor our body activities like walking length, heart rate, pulse rate etc. In future there will be more.

This list of things is increasing with time; in the future many other devices will become IoTs.


Technology is never stationary, as I’m writing this article, a new technology is developing in some part of this world. Technology is the future. Humankind has come a long way with technology and there is a long road ahead to explore with these upcoming and currently developing technologies. There are many others too on which work is still going on. For the time being we are required to be aware of these technologies not just as technology geeks but also just as humans because it is our duty to stay updated with the world. And I’m present here to make you aware about these new technologies in the future also.

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