I don’t know about you all whether you keep yourself updated regarding anything related to tech giant Google but I keep myself aware about Google and it’s new updates. If you remembered few days back an event called “Google for India” held in New Delhi which was fifth edition of Google event. Did you visit there? No problem if you didn’t, you can read out our previous article where I explained to you what Google shared with us or what Google is focusing specially for the Indian users. In this event an announcement has been done regarding free Wi-Fi to some Indian villages. I hope you will like it. They are looking to provide high speed public Wi-Fi services to some Indian Villages of Gujarat, Bihar and Maharashtra where internet connectivity is required most. 

Google will provide you free pulic Wi-Fi

Still in India internet connection is not so easily available thing. Peoples are facing difficulties in getting smooth internet services with high speed.  Villages are there where they don’t have an internet connection even they don’t know about 4G or 5G terms. Few years ago in 2015 Google announces to give free Wi-Fi in Indian railway stations. To do this at that time they partnered with RailTel and in 2016 they launched their services at Mumbai Central railway Stations. Last year in 2018 the company RailTel added its 400th station in Assam at Dibrugarh.  To expanding their programme they announced another programme on 19th September 2019 to provide free Wi-Fi to Indian Villages.

So Google finally said that they are looking to provide free WI-FI service and promised to expand this service in other parts of the country too.  Read the whole blog completely so that it may clear your point regarding this matter so keep reading.

How Google will provide free WI-FI?

I know it is good when internet connection spread everywhere whether it’s a rural area or urban. Google promised on its fifth edition Google for India event last week that they are looking to expand their free WI-FI services at three Indian states. For this they select three states Gujarat, Maharashtra and Bihar. Google also announces their partnership with BSNL to complete this project. With the help of BSNL, Google will fulfill its promise as soon as possible. The reason behind choosing these three states that there is no internet connection or no public WI-FI so people are facing a serious issue regarding this.

Now Google will provide free Wi-Fi to some Indian villages
Image Credit: Google Image

Caesar Sen Gupta who is the Vice President, Next Billion User Initiative and Payment said that “With Google’s ongoing commitment to improve access beyond train stations to villages across India, we have partnered with BSNL to bring fast, reliable and secure public WI-FI to villages in Gujarat, Bihar and Maharashtra.” Well, the plan is good because nowadays smartphones are useless if there is no internet connection and if Google is looking for providing such internet facility then it is a plus point to gain popularity amongst crowd.

When they started this project four years ago in 2015, this service was available only at 19 stations and the best part was 1.5 billion Indian users used this service at that time. This service was supported by Prime Minister Narendra Modi Digital India’s Campaign. More than me, you all know about the project success whether it may reach to you or still you face Internet problem now. Not in a discussion mood of political matter now so Google is ready to complete this project soon with the help of BSNL.

We will update you if Google shares any such good news regarding this project or anything. Get in touch with us for more interesting articles till hen keep reading keep sharing.