Just a simple and entertaining application TikTok once again in news. Do you know for which matter I am talking about? Controversies are unstoppable if we talking about the TikTok application because few months back, application get banned from a smartphone but again reinstated by the court. The application TikTok is used by every teenager these days. I guarantee you that you can watch this application in every smartphones. TikTok is on priority for most of the users.

This time TikTok jumps in politics. It says that no political paid ad will be shown on this app. Let’s go ahead and try to know the whole matter. 

TikTok is not ready to run paid political ads on their platforms

Now the current situation is, TikTok said they will not allow any paid political ad to run on their platform. The decision was made few days back on 3rd October 2019. Do you agree with this decision? Well, several questions are thee so I have written this blog regarding the current situation with the application and even their Vice-President said something related to this political news ban. Watch out

This Chinese video application called TikTok has created the addiction in every teenager. I am happy to see someone to show their talent by mimicking a dialogue or performing something in a video song of just 15 seconds only. Even the application allows you to share your video at any platform but still Government ban the application few months back. Some of the users compare the app with a Blue whale or raise issue for showing pornographic videos. In my previous blogs I discussed about it.

TikTok said no to paid political news
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Now once again TikTok is in sources and I don’t know this time they are right or wrong. Now they are not allowing paid political ads on their own platform. First, they started political ads with a mentality that it can give more millions of user but that doesn’t happen.

Vice-President of TikTok Global Business statement

The company Vice-President Blake Chandlee said that “Any paid ads that comes into the community needs to fit the standards for our platform, and the nature of paid political ads is not something we believe fits the TikTok platform experience. To the end, we will not allow paid ads that promote or oppose a candidate, current leader, political party or group, or issue at the federal, state or local level- including election-relate ads, advocacy ads or issue ads.”

Basically the announcement is especially for US and EU after India. Step taken by TikTok shows that it doesn’t want to make its repo more controversial. TikTok also said that it is not fit for such advertisement.

Agree with their decision or not for banning such ads?

  • They stop the promotion of political ads and we think that the decision is right. Many political leaders can raise the question of promoting only one leader highly in the platform.
  • Such leaders need issues to ruling on media and TikTok Company doesn’t want any controversies again. They already have been face tough time.
  • They already lost several users. Due to political ads they don’t want to lost users again. In July this year, TikTok hit 500 million users and that’s the biggest achievement.


Agree with the TikTok application that it is not the political platform where TikTok can run ads to promote political parties. Such kind of support you can’t get from this platform as it is not your social media account. TikTok Company already faced many controversies about banning and all.

I understand social media is great platform to connect with youth especially. During elections, on every social media apps we see lots of political content. We all get bored with all these things. At least due to decision of TikTok we can use it for entertainment purpose only.

TikTok is just for free-time and fun application so use it accordingly and the decision to ban such ads is the right. So folks, agree with me or not? Comment below to let us know about your thought. Get in touch with us for more updates.

Till then keep reading keep sharing and keep loving TikTok.