Thinking of most of the people here is that algorithm is just for computer scientists for their work. Well, I guess this time you are incorrect as the algorithm concept can be applied to many normal users. You don’t need any kind of degree or any post to apply for the algorithm concept. We understand the value and importance of the algorithm which is going on in everyone’s life. Many experts reveal that algorithm as a “Problem-solving” concept because the role of the algorithm is to work in an easy possible ways and to process the data more efficiently around us.

Can we reshape the future positively with the Algorithm?
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Folks, your brain are enough for you to run the concept Algorithm. Here I am not talking about any technology or any other devices. I will explain to you with instance- suppose you have to get ready to go somewhere for that you know what you want to wear like jeans, shirt, socks, tie and shoes etc. You set your mind to wear this and also in what order. You keep playing your role by wearing step by step. This is called algorithm, do anything in a manner or you can say the way you applied is called algorithm. Let’s go ahead and try to reveal, how algorithm can help us to reshape our future.

Algorithm is also available in social media platforms

I can share the instance again. When you search for anything on Google or even when you log-in to Facebook account Algorithm starts its role by working behind the scene to take all your data and present the outcome like your Google result or about your Facebook friend’s current post. Here one thing is not similar which you read above that in Google search results, you don’t need to set the rules for the outcomes.

Most of the experts think gravity can be compared with Algorithm. We heard from our childhood about gravity like when you throw a ball upward it comes down but at that time we are not aware of gravity too much. Experts said that Algorithm works in the same kind of way in our lives. It is everywhere and in everything. Yes, it is as I already told you from Google search to social media giant Facebook. The algorithm has full control and it knows what to do via algorithm. 

Well-trained Algorithm gives you more than you what you expect. 

The heading is correct because the way you expected from the Algorithm, it is trained to give you more of what you think. You can raise the question like How Algorithm is able to do that? So simple, suppose you search something you clicked on last then you watch out how this concept starts to reshape the media you consume.

Algorithm features enable the app developer too

Okay so it is a new concept for most of you but yes Algorithm can enable the app developers too. An app developer can operate some features of algorithms for their application development process. Let me share those features- 

  • First is Sort Algorithms which is a common aspect of Algorithm that can enable developers for their building apps. The role is simple, just to create a basic idea and arrange the data in pattern. When involving this feature, you may need Bubble sort, Insertion sort, Merge sort, Quicksort and many more. If you are the developer then you know very well where and when to use these.
  • Next is Hashing Algorithms which play its key role in finding the data with the help of ID. If you need the data then you can get it by Index. This type of feature is already created an idea to use a suitable hash function that shows key-value mapping. 
  • Third one is Language Detection Algorithm which focuses on those mobile apps which is just for translation for multiple languages. Even you can see that this type of Algorithm is also useful for speech recognition technology based on apps like Siri, Cortana etc. 


After reading post we can say that algorithm has been made to control everything in this world. With the use of algorithm we can make our work easier and faster, fight against corruption, save life, solve problems and many more.

Experts are still on this algorithm how to make it more useful and how to control it. Algorithm works on massive amount of captured data. In coming future with the effort of scientists and experts it will be better and faster than ever.

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