Google has postponed its Page Experience Update for ranking

Google just announced that it has postponed its ‘Page experience update” from May to mid-June in 2021. This page experience update was initially announced in November last year. Last year Google announced that it will roll out this page experience update in May 2021, But just two days ago it […]

Google Chrome and Google Earth update: All you need to know

The king of updates is back with a new update. Just at the start of this week I posted about the Google product review algorithm update and then the Google discover policy update but this time Google has come up with some pretty major updates in two of its most […]

Google updated its Google discover policy

Google is constantly coming up with updates in the past week. Gmail update being the first one, then the product review algorithm update and now Google has updated its Google discover policy. Google has announced that it will exclude 5 types of content from being recommended in Google discover. Hence, […]

Google has released product review algorithm update

Updates are a constant, they keep happening every now and then. Google is the kind of updates.  You can regularly see Google updates in news. Just last week news floated all over the internet about an unconfirmed Google algorithm update. And now Google has confirmed the algorithm update. However Google […]

Latest Gmail update you need to know Now!

Updates have become a constant in everybody’s life. From updating apps to updating profile. Apps especially, update regularly to improve performance, adding new feature and over all just improving user experience. Gmail, the biggest mailing service has come up with a new update. So bear with me while I will […]

Scan Gallery Images for Text with Google Photos Latest Feature

Google keeps updating its apps. Hence, there is some or the other update every once in a while. And just like that, there is a new update from Google. Now you can scan gallery images for text with Google Photos’ latest feature. And there is all you need to know […]

What are the latest Google Algorithm updates for 2020?

Ability Google calculation will influence your site and page positioning in this year? Google consistently attempts to keep the trust of dedicated and genuine substance makers flawless. For this Google make changes in its calculation on periodical premise. In this period of Copyright Infringement the exertion of unique substance makers […]

Google update: Auto delete control for their users

New update introduced by Google, watch out We all heard about the mobile application and smartphone every day about their uses or some kind of amazing features that they generally provided but what about the information that user needs, do you think about it? Suppose you heard about the latest smartphone of […]