Today I will tell you what the app developer wants from the users. They just want their application should always remain in the smartphone. We all know that how amazing work they have shown for us. On daily basis we use several mobile applications. Can you imagine how relief they feel when an app developer get to know that their app got 1.5 billion users? This is same with the app WhatsApp which is one of the trending messaging applications these days.

4 features that WhatsApp will roll out soon.
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Also, the app is so popular that it got 1.5 billion users. In short the developer of this app is on cloud9. We daily operate our mobile phones and open the social media platform daily. We all get to know about some new app daily. The fact is we still used only those applications that are not only popular but also suggested by someone. We trust on those applications.

Trending app WhatsApp set to present innovative features soon

Well, let’s come to the point. As we know that the trending app WhatsApp always have something advanced features. Which are hard to find out on other messaging apps. We all are aware of amazing video or voice call features in WhatsApp. There are many features which you will not find in any other app like you can show your status to your contact list, reply to the message by click on that and many more. This year users will get some more amazing changes. That is why I am gonna share some features that will update on WhatsApp.

Advanced features are ready to come, have a look what those are

1. Dark Mode:

First I am going to tell you about the best one ready to come and that is Dark Mode. I think this is a quite common for most of you because we have seen this feature working on Facebook Messenger. When the feature first launched in Messenger, most of the users start using the Facebook messenger back. They really find Dark mode feature a cool one. After the Facebook Messenger this feature we have seen on many applications whether it is for social media app or for messaging application. So now this year you gonna see Dark Mode feature on WhatsApp too. I know it will really look good and will change the whole background of WhatsApp.

2. Fingerprint Authentication:

Next I am gonna tell you about the feature called Fingerprint Authentication. Now which is ready to launch this year on WhatsApp. I think this feature is already used by those who operate the IOS mobile phone. As the feature Fingerprint Authentication allows you to lock the application with the help of Face ID or Fingerprint. Now the good news is the Android mobile phone users too can watch out this feature. The date of launch this feature is not officially announced but you gonna use this on your Android mobile phone this year.

3. Picture in Picture Mode:

So the next is PiP mode and yes we already know about that. The feature Picture in Picture mode we operate in our WhatsApp but not permanently. As the company is working on this feature to make it more amazing and also more useful for the users. We did research related to this feature and we get to know that the feature PiP helps the audience to play PiP videos and yes you can play even with WhatsApp in the background.

4. Consecutive Voice messages Feature:

Next is something interesting and also available in the beta version of WhatsApp. It also want to stay in stable version and that is consecutive voice message. This is the best and something interesting features for you all. You can play the voice messages consecutively and you don’t need to tap on the individual one for that. So, if you receive multiple voice messages from one contact then this feature will play automatically play one by one messages without any interruption. WhatsApp enables you to play all messages of voice to make it a simple process.


We know each and every application whether it is about messaging app or it is about the gaming application. People always like to operate those app which always keep their app up-to-date. WhatsApp considered as one of the top messaging app. People expect more from WhatsApp so if it shows advanced feature for the audience then it is a good idea to stay on the top. To remain the users it is most important to show some up-gradation time to time. To know more updates kindly get in ouch with us.