Google has some bad news for Huawei users!

Watch the shutdown of Huawei by Google. We live in an era where we want everything should be done on the spot without putting any kind of efforts. Is it possible? Yes, sometimes it is possible because this era is full of facilities and technologies. Here we can operate anything […]

Why messaging app failed to face the competition from Whatsapp?

Who can replace and rule, like Whatsapp did? Let me tell you an interesting fact related to Whatsapp as we have done research related to this app where we find out that impossible word is not written in the dictionary of Whatsapp. I want to say that Whatsapp is not […]

Google Banned CamScanner App permanently

I think this launching and removing process of mobile applications by Google will never come to an end. Google is more concern about security matter. User’s data security comes first. If any application will not follow this then you all know what will be the result. It will not only […]

WhatsApp disappeared from Google Play Store, now it’s back!

Saturday on dated 12th October Google confirmed that WhatsApp is back now on play store. Some days before users watch out that the app is not available to download on the Google play store and users are complaining about that. Can you believe on fact that most trending messaging application […]

Google has removed an anti-India app from play store

Tech giant Google always remains in headlines not only for launching new apps or introducing new features in mobile devices, but also removing apps from play store. Yes guys, it is true. If you aren’t aware then let me tell you that in the month of September, Google removed 29 […]