Facebook-owned Company WhatsApp has shown so many new upcoming updates but also they talk about their feature of “Picture-in-Picture mode”. Like you, we also get surprised that why they talk about this previous feature as we know the role of the feature is allowing users to see videos of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube which shared in WhatsApp chat. Company talked about this because soon they are going to offer a feature of sharing Netflix video trailer and you guys can watch that if anyone shares. And do you know what the best part is; you don’t need to re-direct the Netflix application.

How you can watch Netflix trailer on WhatsApp?

Simply just watch the trailer on your WhatsApp chat and don’t open the Netflix, how amazing it is. Before this, WhatsApp offers this feature only for Facebook or YouTube. Now the time is to watch Netflix videos on WhatsApp. Netflix is too popular these days where most of the users used it to watch web series or movies. If WhatsApp will include this feature then this is sure that users will not going on another platform. How good it is, you will get everything on a single platform. Something more we have regarding this matter and what’s more special feature is going to launch in future. Let’s start the day with today’s blog about this and we are sure that every WhatsApp lovers are reading this.

What exactly the feature is?

This Picture-in-Picture mode is the best feature and now it is going to be more interesting for the users because now they are able to watch Netflix video trailer on WhatsApp chats. Regarding this matter WhatsApp Company said that whenever someone shared a link of Netflix you will see the messaging app show a large thumbnail from the video and with this, you can also see a play icon. 

You can say that it copies the process of Facebook or YouTube when these two shows video on WhatsApp chats. We must say those who like the content of Netflix are happy with this announcement but they have to show some patience because the date of offering this feature is still in suspense. 

iOS WhatsApp users can watch videos from Netflix
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Report said that IOS users first use this Netflix trailer watching feature on the social messaging application. WhatsApp said that to use this feature make sure your application is updated at that time.

After that, ask your friends or any family member to share Netflix trailer on WhatsApp chat so your role is not to redirecting to Netflix app, just tap on the video and watch the trailer that’s it.

Now the current news about this matter is Netflix soon going to offer some exceptional features for their users so we guess WhatsApp users can enjoy those features too. 

What other features WhatsApp is going to offer?

Before the Video streaming Netflix feature offered to WhatsApp, Facebook-owned Company shared more about the upcoming feature to make their app more popular. Coming days, you gonna watch Dark Mode theme which is too common these days because Facebook Messenger already offered this and Gmail too looking to show. Even WhatsApp is going to offer the payment facility name WhatsApp Pay but due to some controversies date delayed and we expected next year for sure. Right now the Payment option is available in Beta version. 

The Bottom Line

We don’t want any Android users to feel bad because WhatsApp shared only about IOS that first, they are going to offer this Netflix trailer watching feature on chat. No doubt, they can offer this feature to both when they launch. We expected this feature will definitely increase more popularity and of course, good tactics to gain more number of users.

Such exceptional features they offer so no need to think twice to pronounce that WhatsApp is the best and top-trending messaging application currently. Just get in touch with us for more updates.